High-quality and environmentally friendly terraces made of UPM ProFi Piazza composite were chosen for the stunning seascapes of Kuningatarvuori in Hanko

UPM ProFi Piazza, Hanko, Finland

An exceptionally stunning residential and villa complex, Kuningatarvuori, is being built in the southernmost part of mainland Finland, in the outer archipelago of Hanko. The project is being built by Sikla Oy and designed by Cedercreutz Architects with high quality standards and a seaside villa atmosphere. For the challenging site, the sustainable and environmentally friendly UPM ProFi Piazza One composite decking, made from recycled material, was chosen as the decking material.

Architects Sebastian and Tuua Cedercreutz are responsible for the design of Kuningatarvuori, where the site conditions are exceptionally challenging due to its proximity to the sea and require ecological, sustainable and high-quality building materials. The first apartment building to be completed in the area will be the Kuningatarranta, with 44 apartments. The apartments are 78 m2 in size and some of the apartments on the 4th floor are two-story.

The design of Kuningatarvuori was not based on the needs of a specific target group, but on the exceptional location and marine nature that defined our work and our choice of materials. We envisioned the property as a beach house-type apartment building with villa-like elements. This guided not only our choice of materials, but also the design of the floor plans. We wanted to bring a unique landscape to each room of the apartment and the possibility to step out of every room, as you could in villas. At the same time, the role of terraces became a key element in the living solution and they play an important role in the functionality of the whole apartment and our beach house concept.

As a result, the Kuningatarranta apartments are wide rather than deep and all have 100% sea views. The terraces are full width and all apartments open directly onto large terraces and sea views. The individual terraces are over 30 m2 in area, the two-storey apartments also have a "roof terrace" and the terraces on the lowest floor have direct access to the sea.

UPM ProFi Piazza, Hanko, Finland


In Finnish weather conditions, and especially by the sea, terraces are hard hit

Terraces are exposed to exceptionally harsh conditions in Finland, and especially in this seaside location. We chose UPM's ProFi Piazza One composite decking for its quality, durability, ease of maintenance, beautiful appearance and also due to the fact that it is made from recycled materials. The colour and texture of the board appealed to us on all levels and the 25-year warranty ensures that the material would last and perform in these demanding conditions. Future residents also loved the look and sturdiness of the board. Decking is a constant problem in Finland's challenging and variable weather conditions and we were delighted that UPM has now developed a low-maintenance material.

It is absolutely wonderfull that decking boards are made of recycled material. We have been in business for 30 years and have never designed a composite terrace. There is now definitely an interest from customers to choose ecological alternatives and the growing importance of environmentally friendly materials in construction. It is already well recognised by the big construction companies, and for us it has always been a core value and a starting point for design. 

UPM ProFi Piazza, Hanko, Finland