Safe decking from UPM ProFi composite created for children reception center in Caluire & Cuire, France

A terrace at a reception center for children was replaced by a durable composite decking provided by UPM ProFi. The composite decking enables a safe playground and pathways for children – for several years. The original decking eventually became unfit for this purpose.

UPM ProFi Deck 150 Pearl Grey, Kindergarden, France


After only 10 years, the original impregnated pine deck was rotten in many places. Some boards have been replaced by composite of very poor quality from Asia.

- After these experiences, we decided to renew the whole decking with a durable material that lasts throughout the harsh weather conditions, the installer REVE explains.

Located in Caluire and Cuire, the terraces are full of snow in winter and very often covered with gel. The building is in the city center with difficult access. In addition, the terrace is on 5 different levels including a walkway. The architect asked for a strong product with low maintenance care.

Why choose UPM ProFi?

Being in the market for more than 10 years, UPM ProFi has won several public reference projects and is regarded as a robust composite manufacturer. The deck board has several certificates, PEFC (FIN-PEFC-COC-1563) and declaration of conformity to name but two. UPM ProFi Deck 150 allowed for the addition of a heating cable which provided the only solution against snow and frost.

According to the installer the main benefits of UPM ProFi composite are ecologically reliability, low maintenance and slip resistance. These were among the main reasons why the architect and the city authorities decided to select the composite product.

UPM ProFi enables a safe decking area for children. UPM ProFi safely meets the European standard of EN 71-3, safety of toys.

Join the PIP program!

  • The UPM ProFi Certified Installer programme brings a strong relationship between manufacturer and installer
  • UPM ProFi provide support for all technical questions and projects
  • Follow and read carefully all installations instructions before installation
  • REVE encourages other installers to participate in the PIP training sessions, held by UPM ProFi

Fact box

  • Product and colour: UPM ProFi Deck 150 in Pearl Grey with smart accessories
  • L-shaped Rail Step was used for creating durable edges and stairs
  • Thanks to hollow chambers in the deck boards, heating cables to prevent snow and frost were installed
  • Size of the decking: 500 m2
  • Location: Caluire et Cuire, a commune in Lyon metropolitan area in France
  • Professional installer: REVE