Summer house with indoor swimming pool and jacuzzi

In the town of Zuiddorpe in the Dutch province of Zeeland, the Amsterdam company Neve CJ Ver- en Afbouw has created a summer house with an indoor swimming pool and deck, using UPM ProFi Deck 150.

Joey Neve explained to us how he started his own business five years ago. “I had previously worked for fifteen years at the building and construction company Kneppers, which was originally a renovation and restoration company. One of my first commissions came from my father-in-law, who runs hotels in Sas van Gent, which explains why I operate in both Amsterdam and Zeeland. Here in Zuiddorpe in Zeeland, I built a summer house with an indoor swimming pool and jacuzzi for a private client. The project became bigger and bigger and now covers around 140 square metres. A relatively small six-by-three-metre swimming pool was installed with a counter current system so that you can swim on the spot. I suggested using UPM ProFi Deck 150 boards for the decking after a discussion with Tom Buijsman, my contact at Jongeneel Amsterdam. My client was very enthusiastic about this. We opted to use boards in a contrasting colour to the cladding on the sides of the summer house”.

“I’ve worked with this material before. It’s a beautiful and well-thought-out product. It’s low-maintenance and all of the installation materials are included with the delivery. Details are important and that’s why the system also has a number of clever accessories, including a patented solution for steps and rubber strips that make closed deck surface and prevent dirt from falling in between the boards.

Tom Buijsman, account manager at our partner Jongeneel Amsterdam, had this to say: “Autumn Brown was chosen for the floor in this project and the sides of the summer house were clad in black; specifically, Night Sky Black. We also supplied the beams and panel material for the structure and roof of the summer house”.

Joey explained that the roof interior was finished with 12-mm plywood and that a bitumen roof sheet is laid on top of the underlayment. The sides of the summer house were finished with fascia boards. Logistically, the fact that Jongeneel operates across the Netherlands was a major advantage.

It’s important to Jongeneel that the UPM ProFi decking boards provide added value in a circular economy. The boards are made up of 55 (Profi Deck 150) to 75 (Piazza) percent recycled paper and plastic and can be fully recycled. 35 m2 of Piazza is the equivalent of 500 kilograms of paper and plastic waste: This is the same as the average annual amount of household waste per person in the EU. In addition, it binds over 800 kilos of CO2, which is comparable to the average emissions of a car over four months. And none of this impacts quality! The boards easily withstand any and all-weather conditions and have a high impact resistance. The boards are splinter proof, stain resistant and colourfast.

UPM ProFi Deck 150 was used in the Zuiddorpe summer house. This board has a hollow profile and comes in six different colours. Different substructures are also available. The UPM ProFi click system can make installation up to sixty percent faster and means that almost all preparatory work can be carried out at workbench height. The UPM ProFi Piazza boards give the impression of hardwood and therefore have a more rustic look.

Customers can use the UPM ProFi Deck Planner, an easy-to-use online tool to help design their decking.