"We chose only the best quality for our new house and that's why we chose UPM ProFi Piazza One composite"

Jenni and Jan Storbjörk's family of four had a long dream to build their own house and make it their home for the rest of their lives. The house was finished in the Lohja Housing Fair area in spring 2021. From the terrace you can enjoy the green nature and the beautiful lake view. The couple made the material choices together, but they also had the help of a yard design professional to draw up the yard plan.

"All the materials were chosen with quality in mind, we wanted everyday luxury here, and that was also the case with the composite material for the terrace. We wanted the best on the market, so we chose UPM ProFi Piazza One composite. In our previous home, I was tired of the maintenance work on the patio and decided that in our next home we would build the patio out of composite. My wife, Jenni, and I also went to see the Hevi stone houses at the Tuusula Housing Fair the previous summer, where we saw a terrace made of UPM ProFi Piazza composite, and we loved it.", says Jan Storbjörk.

"I chose the colour! The façade of the house is white and dark grey, so we chose a light grey, Silver Teak shade from the samples of UPM ProFi Piazza that matched this colour scheme beautifully. It's a beautiful, natural shade and I also like the fact that it doesn't show dirt easily and is easy to keep clean", says Jenni Storbjörk.

"We have been very happy with our new terrace. We also wanted a jacuzzi, where we can relax and enjoy the lake view to counterbalance the busy everyday life of a family with children. It has also been a pleasure to find that our UPM ProFi Piazza One terrace is less slippery when wet than the wooden terrace was. Children run around on the terrace all the time, so safety is important to us. And we also want to be environmentally friendly, which was also the theme of the whole Housing Fair this year.  It's great that our terraces are made from up to 75% recycled material, which also saves natural resources. The fact that the material is completely non-toxic and therefore, in our opinion, a better alternative to the impregnated wood of our previous home also influenced our buying decision. On this terrace our children Leona and Theo will run around for years to come and we can spend quality time together as a family!", Jenni and Jan rejoice together.