Tiilikainen family's stylish, durable and functional terrace

When you enter the yard of Suvi Tiilikainen's family, you can't help but notice the light grey UPM ProFi Piazza terrace installed next to the new white house. "It was easy to choose the UPM ProFi terrace. We wanted a terrace that would be both easy to maintain and safe for children. Thanks to this composite terrace, we don't have to worry about sticks coming off or oiling the terrace." says Suvi.

It was important for them to hear positive experiences, and recommendations about the terrace in question to strengthen their decision. Social media strongly influenced the Tiilikainen family's decision. Suvi says that she noticed the UPM ProFi terrace on Instagram several times. A photo sent by an old colleague of the light grey terrace of their detached house sealed the decision. The photo clearly showed how elegantly the composite terrace blended into the modern stone house.


The light shade was also a key criteria in their selection. They wanted a terrace that doesn't get too hot in the sun, so they can enjoy it even on blazing summer days. The light grey UPM ProFi decking offers both a stylish appearance and comfort.

The purpose of the terrace is important to the family. Suvi says that they spend a lot of time on the deck, eating together and enjoying their morning coffee. In addition, Suvi enjoys being able to sit on the terrace and watch the children's football games.


A terrace installed by a professional was also a matter of course for them. They wanted to make sure that the UPM ProFi decking boards were installed correctly and carefully. This emphasizes their confidence in both the material and installation skills.

When they finally saw the finished terrace, their joy was boundless. "The terrace exceeded all expectations and was even more beautiful than we could have dreamed. We are convinced that the terrace will stand the test of time and retain its beauty for years to come, unlike our previous wooden terrace," rejoices Suvi.