Roof terrace

In general, fixation of support rails to the roof surface is not possible and differences in heightneed to be compensated. Best solution: Rigid framework with cross-members made of AluSupport Rail Large in combination with UPM ProFi UPM ProFi Foot and/or Rubber Pad.The maximum distance of cross-members must not exceed 2 m (centre to centre).


Other options: rigid framework constructed from timber or UPM ProFi Support Rails.

The joists must be connected to each other with L brackets for example.

If building height is limited, UPM ProFi Support Rail Small can be used and interconnected as well (e.g. by using L-bracket “UPM ProFi Fence Large Fastening Angle Kit”). 

Please note that UPM ProFi Support Rails must only be installed on hard flat surfaces. Any raised
deck must be built on UPM ProFi Alu Support Rail Large or timber frame (hardwood , durability class 1).

Additional weighting can be positioned if necessary: Attach the substructure onto concrete slabs
or at limited building height fix metal sheets on the support rails and place concrete slabs on it.

Please always note particular local conditions and ensure that you meet the requirements of the local building regulations.

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