Seven reasons why to choose UPM ProFi composite decking

Decking products may look similar but have very different performance properties. Some composite products may perform relatively well but are poor in sustainability. In our case, there are seven good reasons for a high-quality composite decking. Read more why choose composite decking from UPM ProFi.



1. LOOK: Modern or traditional

    • Fresh and innovative design or luxurious wood look and feel
    • Clever and unique decking system solutions
    • Huge scale of private and public references


2. PERFORMANCE: High-class products

    • More than 10 years of R&D and production experience
    • Patented and award winning innovations in material and production technology
    • High quality WPC made for all environments (hot or cold weather conditions, under water or windy regions, high or low altitudes)

3. PRODUCTION: Manufacturing excellence

    • State of the art production facilities in Germany and Finland
    • Recycling of raw material from UPM own mills
    • Short lead times & flexible deliveries
    • Minimum claim rate

4. SALES TEAM: Intense customer relationships

    • UPM local Key Account Managers throughout Europe
    • Europe-wide network of building products distributors and specialist manufacturers
    • Long term partnership approach with brand leaders

5. SUPPORT: A reliable help

    • Professional marketing support
    • Professional technical support, trainings and claim handling
    • Certified Installers' network

6. CERTIFICATIONS: Independently approved

    • ISO 9001, 14001 and 50001 certified
    • CE marking
    • PEFC certificate (FIN-PEFC-COC-1563)
    • Meeting EN 71-3 standards for safety of toys

7. Environmental performance

    • Breakthrough: First sustainable solution for recycling label waste
    • Over 15.000 tons already saved from land fill / incineration (=24.000 tons of CO2)
    • All products are
      • non-toxic
      • PVC free
      • recyclable