Transforming Outdoor Spaces: The Enchanting Terrace and Garden of the Wichmanns

The Wichmanns, a family residing in the picturesque Münsterland region of Germany, have established their home in a quaint suburb of Münster. Having purchased their residence six years ago, they embarked on a renovation journey to restore the charm of their forty-year-old house. Consequently, it was an unequivocal decision for them to personally undertake the creation of their terrace and garden, thereby infusing their distinctive touch into these outdoor spaces. 

UPM ProFi composite decking boards captivated us with their stunning beauty and sustainability features, making them an ideal choice for our terrace. The California Oak colour resembled real wood, while the decking boards eco-friendly manufacturing process using recycled waste aligned with our commitment to sustainability. With their easy maintenance, slip-resistant surface, and simple installation, UPM ProFi Piazza Pro boards exceeded our expectations as an aesthetically pleasing addition to our outdoor space.”, says Nils, the father of the family.

“The installation process for UPM ProFi decking boards is streamlined and straightforward, thanks to the innovative T-clips system that eliminates the need for visible screws, resulting in a seamless finish. The decking boards stability and durability guarantee their ability to withstand various weather conditions, ensuring their longevity and preserving the initial investment.”, continues Nils.


The seamless integration of UPM ProFi composite decking boards in California Oak with existing grey stone slabs creates a visually stunning and harmonious ambiance. The boards natural wood-like appearance adds a touch of warmth and charm, elevating the overall aesthetic appeal of the terrace. With UPM ProFi decking, maintaining a beautiful terrace becomes a hassle-free task. The easy-to-clean surface and minimal maintenance requirements save valuable time and effort. Additionally, the anti-slip feature ensures a safe environment, particularly around pool areas, providing peace of mind for residents and guests alike.

A terrace adorned with UPM ProFi composite boards becomes a serene oasis, inviting people to relax. Whether indulging in a morning cappuccino or basking in the warmth of the sun, the terrace offers a perfect retreat. The inviting ambiance created by the decking boards enhances the overall charm, providing an excellent experience for everyone.