7. Stairs

7.1 Using Rail Step for fast and professional stairs

UPM ProFi Rail Step is a patented reversible profile designed for installation of stairs together with Deck 150 boards. The bottom of the first stair riser is made by cutting a Deck 150 board to 82 mm wide and installing it with a start clip at the bottom edge and alu rail at the top edge. The top edge of the deck board and the Rail Step are then joined with alu rail and screwed into the frame. The stair tread is completed with a deck board and rail step that has been turned 180 degrees which are also joined by alu rail and screwed to the frame. T-Clips must not be used for stair construction. Remember also one direct fixing screw through the bottom tongue in the middle of each deck board and Rail Step. Always follow local building regulations.

See section 6 in UPM ProFi Decking Installation Images

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