Completing the perfect family home with UPM ProFi Piazza in the Netherlands

In the beautiful neighbourhood of Baarn, nestled behind the charming façade of a 1930s house, the homeowners, had spent over a decade making cherished memories. However, their backyard had long been in need of a makeover. The weathered wooden deck and patio had seen better days, and it was time for a change.

The journey to their newly transformed outdoor area began when the homeowners reached out to Evelyne from Almere Buitenleven, an accomplished designer known for her ability to breathe life into outdoor spaces. Evelyn took the time to understand the homeowners' vision and needs, and together they embarked on the journey of transforming the yard.

The homeowners were searching for high-quality materials for the renovation. They visited their local distributor PontMeyer Almere and explained their desire for a durable and attractive decking solution. The distributor didn't hesitate to recommend UPM ProFi composite decking, known for its outstanding performance and aesthetic appeal.

The heart of the project was undoubtedly the terrace and the swimming pool. The homeowners chose UPM ProFi Piazza Royal Elm for its elegant appearance and how seamlessly it blended with the surroundings.

The installation of the composite decking was entrusted to the professional team from Almere Buitenleven, ensuring the project was completed efficiently and with precision in just one month.

The result was a stunning terrace and bench, not only pleasing to the eye but also built to withstand the test of time and the unpredictable Dutch weather.  

This summer the homeowners found themselves spending more time outdoors than ever before. They often sat on their new bench, watching their child, as he splashed and swam in the inviting pool, with in the knowledge that the terrace was not only beautiful but also safe and slip-resistant.

As the sun dipped below the horizon, casting a warm glow on the Royal Elm composite decking, the homeowners couldn't help but feel grateful for the transformation that had taken place. Their backyard had become a haven where family moments were cherished, and friends gathered to celebrate. It is a place where old memories blend seamlessly with the new.