Le Boucanier à Mandelieu & UPM ProFi: the finest French cuisine and Europe’s finest composite decking

UPM ProFi Piazza Californian Oak, restaurant, France

Situated at the foot of the Château de la Napoule on the French Riviera, Le Boucanier is famed for its excellent seafood and glorious location. Throughout the summer, tables on its open terrace just a few meters from the beach are in high demand from both locals and tourists. Eric and Cathy Chaumier, together with former professional footballer Wilfried Gohel, have been at the helm of Le Boucanier since 2016. When the time came to renew the terrace ready for the 2022 season, they applied the same attention to detail to the materials to be used, as they do with their fabulous dishes.

The finest fresh sea food

With salt and sand in the sea breeze, furniture and high heels scraping across the deck boards, and oil and wine being spilt, the Chaumiers were looking for an exceptionally durable surface. (Let’s not even talk about the seagulls). In such a stunning location, the look and design of the deck was equally important. And finally, in a restaurant that serves the finest fresh sea food and where the customers are ever more concerned about the environment, it was only natural to look for materials which are truly sustainable.

Restaurant terrace

Valérie Giusta is the branch manager of the wood materials’ distributor Dispano Le Cannet. Understanding the needs of Le Boucanier, she was able to recommend UPM ProFi Piazza Pro for the restaurant. UPM ProFi deckings are made in Europe (Germany) from recycled plastic and label waste materials sourced from across Europe (including France). As such, the deckings are actually part of Europe’s journey towards a circular economy. The high-performance surface of UPM ProFi Piazza Pro comes with a 20-year warranty for colour durability, stain resistance and structural integrity for commercial applications. For residental use the guarantee is 25 years. Together with their architect, the Chaumiers selected the colour Californian Oak as best fitting to both the restaurant design and the surrounding environment.

UPM ProFi Piazza decking in Californian Oak colour

Good design takes into account not only the product look and performance, but also its installation. Fast and secure installation can be achieved with UPM ProFi’s “hidden” T-Clip system, or with its award winning “Clic-Clip” system which typically enables 60% faster installation time. Mr. Ave, the manager at FAVE, the company chosen to install the decking at Le Boucanier confirms, "It is easier to install UPM ProFi Piazza boards than the more challenging, shorter and less stable Ipé tropical hardwood boards. You just have to follow the installation instructions carefully as the installation of wood composite boards differs slightly from the installation of exotic wood or treated pine boards.”


The English say that the “proof of the pudding is in the eating”. The food at Le Boucanier is always excellent, and both the customers and the Chaumiers are delighted with the terrace. So much so, that UPM ProFi Piazza has been installed in a second terrace at Le Boucanier: a 300m2 upper area known as the Lounge which offers outstanding views of the sea and the chance to relax with a glass of wine and eat tapas. By displaying UPM ProFi’s Environmental Data Sheet on the Terrace, the Chaumiers are able to demonstrate to their customers their commitment to a more sustainable future in Europe.